• Lounge V produces high-definition relaxing videos in 1080p format for home, office and waiting rooms with 5.1 Dolby surround sound using the most advanced technology and knowledge of digital image capture. The ambient sound on our relaxing scenic films is never taken from external sources and is recorded right on location, infusing documentary realism to the nature footage.

• Minor visual and audio editing is done in order to let nature's improvisation speak for itself. The short full HD clips presented on this site are for personal use that you can download, burn and edit for your own video collection. The full versions are mastered using the highest quality formats and equipment.

• Nature is the most talented painter, sculptor and poet in the Universe and as independent traveling artists filming scenic exotic locations, we can only admire nature's skillful creativity. As photographers we capture those fleeting moments that nature will change again forever.
Relaxing Ocean waves - HD Videos
These ambient HD films are ready for instant download in MPEG-4.
Caribbean Lounge
Magic river
Window views
Japanese Garden
Classical music Visit Earth Sleep Music
Videos of nature for home and office, Full HD 1080p download
• By adding the natural soothing 5.1 surround sounds of ocean waves and birds to your home, office or waiting room and mixing them with astonishing tropical beach scenery on your flat screen TV, it will change the idea of interior design. These relaxing HD videos will be the best mood setting addition for a romantic dinner. Your home theater will not disturb your conversation but will take your senses to some exotic place.

• Downloading 1080p videos of the highest bit rates is actually a rare practice due to massive file sizes, so we still kept these high without damaging the quality and each file does not exceed 4GB.

• Our work is meant to film these moments by making still images move. These ambient films are different because the camera never moves during one shot and you will never see any annoying zooms while watching our scenic beaches, waterfalls, forests, lakes, mountains, underwater life and other beautiful landscapes. It's just an image composed like a still photography but with movement.
Films with soothing ocean sounds
• This content is available in MPEG-4 for HDTVs, computers, iPads and high-end smartphones such as iPhone 5 in 720p. You can enjoy our videos on your smartphones and tablets as those are handy when you are outdoors.
Royalty-Free short clips
• The short 1080p videos represent extracted clips from the film making, they can be downloaded in 1920x1080 progressive MPEG-4 format with 24MB/s bit rate. All the listed materials are good as tropical beach footage without any limits in commercial use.

Third party videos
• If you are a talented videographer and have some great footage which fits LoungeV criteria, please drop us a line with your demo clips as we may be able to promote your work on our site free of charge. You need to have nature related content of highest quality in full HD format such as these Time Lapse Videos
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• This is a copyrighted material, not available for commercial use without agreement, if you would like to purchase a license for our ambient videos as well as short clips, please contact LoungeV creative studio. You only need a license if you show our films at multiple locations, if it's just one or two, such as your office waiting room or your restaurant hall or a hotel lounge, you are good to go without one.
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