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6Mbps is perfect for tablets and smartphones with high processing power, ideal for iPhone 5

Purpose... These films are good for playing on your device on any occasion; you can easily create and ambient natural atmosphere in any indoor and outdoor environment. The scenic landscapes and exotic places will definitely set the right mood while jammed in traffic in a car or during long metro rides, in waiting rooms, airplanes and trains while traveling...

OS.. We support the following mobile operating systems: Symbian (Nokia), Android (Motorola), RIM (BlackBerry), iPhone (perfect on iPhone 5) and Microsoft (Windows mobile). Please see the full list on supported devices. Choose any video link in the left menu and continue to download page.
Melodic Surf
White sands
Duration: 02:06
Caribbean Lounge
Duration: 02:04
Download 3Mb/s (Size 46MB)
Melodic Surf
Beach Lounge
Duration: 02:44
Download 3Mb/s (Size: 63MB)

Visit Earth
Duration: 06:46
Japanese Garden
Duration: 15:31
Classical Music
Duration: 06:09

Shallow Water
Duration: 06:44
Coral Lounge
Duration: 07:43
Liquid Matter
Duration: 05:08

Duration: 01:59
Duration: 01:29
Holiday Lounge
 Duration: 06:18

Hypnotic Lounge
Duration: 05:10
Duration: 06:00
Duration: 07:43

Duration: 05:58
Duration: 04:48
About LoungeV and the smartphone project
The main objective of LoungeV studio is Blu-ray format for Home theaters, you can also download videos with highest quality full HD 1080p clear videos and 5.1 Dolby surround sound. All of the files in Blu-ray are free to download and use in private settings. LoungeV recently expanded the services to offering HD videos for tablets and mobiles (smartphones) as the demand is currently really high. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter as we will be providing you with other freebies. Please support us as we need your appreciation to keep going further. We have a collection of videos and short films available for free download produced by LoungeV creative studio for smartphones such as iPhone 5 and iPads in HD quality 720p and Dolby digital sound. The highest quality is also available for your Blu-ray players and home theaters with the bit rates reaching 18Mbps can be downloaded here.
The new generation iPhone 5 is well equipped with the hardware capable of playing HD video. You may ask yourself why you would need full HD when the display is small and will never give the same sense of crystal picture as your HDTV. First of all, we also think the same way for 1080p (1920x1080) playback but think about 720p. This resolution will definitely be the best out of all the videos you have watched on your iPhone 5 screen which measures 1280x720. Why not try and see how it looks with our short films with relaxing sounds and images of natural beauty.

These HD videos for iPhone 5 are good mood setting clips, very handy while commuting when you need to pass time every time you are on a train or bus, also recommended while driving, as they don't require a fixed eye contact. Simply plug in a high quality audio device such as earphones or car stereo and start enjoying natural ambiance. LoungeV adapted the resolution of these films to 1280x720, so it will look just perfect on your iPhone. Our videographers worked in full HD 1080p in the first place and you may as well be interested in longer duration films for your HDTV in 1920x1080 using Dolby digital surround sound technology. Take a look at them on our page devoted to HDTV films.
Feel free to also send us any feedback, we will be glad to help you or answer any question regarding our HD video for mobile smartphones.

All the video presented on this page is free to download and play on your personal mobile phone. It is strictly prohibited to use this footage in commercial endeavours nor it is allowed to duplicate it in non-profit purposes. If you are willing to acquire a license for the activities listed above, please communicate with us via e-mail.

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