These full HD videos and films will create natural oasis wherever you play them. Any private home, public institution or office will benefit from the positivity we need in everyday life.

Videos for Relaxation, Stress relief & Meditation

Our films are perfect for relaxation and meditation as they combine all the natural calming factors such as real sounds of birds and waves, wind and water. If your yoga practice has to be done inside, there are several possible ways to make the atmosphere just right for relaxing your mind.
First of all, even if your eyes are closed during meditation, the presence of the relaxing ocean for example is very important and just the sounds of it coming from your CD player are not enough. A rather big flat screen with HD picture quality will be just what you need to set the Natural ambiance indoors with our films. A nice surround sound system will make things even better.

Beach for Yoga

River for Yoga

Garden for meditation

Beach lounge

Magic river

Japanese garden (FREE)

Hypnotic lounge : Full HD 1080p relaxing video
MP4 video available in 1080p
If you don't have an HDTV, these films are also available in 720p format for computers and iPads
We may even call these "Yoga videos", anyone can try them while meditating, posing or stretching. Just to convince you a bit more, we made some of our films downloadable free of charge. Japanese garden (Doesn't really have to be India) with folk instruments such as shamisen and bamboo flute accompanies by bird singing will relax your mind and set you in the right mood.
Magic river and Beach lounge are the most popular films for Yoga practice and stress relief, they are both longer than 30 minutes and may be looped if there is a need to create a natural setting for the whole day. Make your choice, download the demo versions and try them for stress relief if you live in a big city and the country side is out of the question today. Enjoy!

This is a copyrighted material, not available for commercial use, if you would like to purchase a license for our films as well as short clips, please contact LoungeV. You only need a license if you show our films at multiple locations, if it's just one or two, such as your office waiting room or your restaurant hall or a hotel lounge, you are good to go without one.

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