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Space Ship Earth

Space Ship Earth
Time lapse video by Dan Eckert
Some favorite clips re-worked as well as some new ones. Star trails were static sequences blended in After Effects. At 2:08 watch for a funnel cloud forming just before the rain shut me down while doing a railroad track time lapse. Desert sculptures created by Ricardo Breceda are at Galleta Meadows Estates on land owned by Dennis Avery in Borrego Springs. And of course some railroad tracks with the dolly I built. Music by Kevin MacLeod and the Chemical Brothers.

About Dan Eckert
I have a true love of photography dating back almost 30 years. Iím interested in a wide range of styles. Homes, vehicles, aerials and landscapes are a few of my favorites.
I also specialize in time lapse photography, video production. Iíve designed a variety of camera mounts and booms to get custom shots outside the norm. If your looking for an innovative photographer in the San Diego area please give me a call.
Phone: (760) 415-5210 / Email:

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