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We do not offer time lapse videos but would like to show you some great works from other artists filming beautiful landscapes.

Time lapse videos - concept

People invented a clock to measure time as we feel it as we live in defined, periodic, cycled lapses counted in seconds, minutes, hours, years, centuries and milleniums. Time as we humans feel it is different in other dimensions and the movement of planets and galaxies interpreted by us is just a mathematical pattern with set up parameters. Now think about accelerated sense of time which is well seen in time lapse photography which is an opposite of decelerated technique called slow motion.
Time lapse cinematography has been known since the 19th century and it has advanced and overcome the limits of imaginable with the modern technology of image capture. The perception of moving objects in accelerated time intervals creates an amazing world, some other dimension where the universal law of physics is tweaked and viewed through the prism of different time cycles.
Featured time lapse videos

Aurora Borealis


Cottonwood Lakes

Aurora Borealis

Yosemite HD

Cottonwood lakes

Camtrac Hyper-Lapse Space Ship Earth


Hyper Lapse

Space Ship Earth

Time-lapse films always intrigued us and we decided to share some of our favorite examples. The footage you see below belongs to third party artists and is not associated in any way with LoungeV films. All the rights for every demo video belong to the owner, please see the artist profiles below each art work.

It is recommended to watch these time lapse clips in HD quality and full screen mode , please click HD ON and wait for some time for the grey bar to load.

This is a copyrighted material, not available for commercial use, if you would like to purchase a license for our films as well as short clips, please contact LoungeV. You only need a license if you show our films at multiple locations, if it's just one or two, such as your office waiting room or your restaurant hall or a hotel lounge, you are good to go without one.

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