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Melodic Surf Sleep Music


Melodic Surf Sleep Music Film
Now full-length!!! Duration: 1 hour
Melodic Surf film is a new slow music addition to "Caribbean Lounge" full collection of exotic landscapes with sounds of nature. Some of the most relaxing sleep music tracks with soothing waves will softly surround you with peace and harmony. It is ideal for stress relief after a busy day at the office, just sit back, feel the music while you are on a journey to some of the most beautiful places of the Caribbean. Such commonly known natural insomnia cures as sounds of waves and water will make a perfect combination in this film with our peaceful music. And it really works!!! This full version is available for instant download in full HD 1080p for computers and HDTVs as well as in 720p for iPads and smartphones.

Format MPEG4 (multimedia) Bitrate: 8Mb/s ; Audio: Dolby Stereo. We have adopted 1080p for computers and full HD devices; 720p for iPads, HD tablets and high-end smartphones. The latest iPads with Retina display are perfect for our 1080p content!

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