These full HD videos and films will create natural oasis wherever you play them. Any private home, public institution or office will benefit from the positivity we need in everyday life.

Beach Window views
Beautiful window views and sounds of waves
No music!
Duration: 60 min
Decorate your wall with a new window overlooking some of the most beautiful and relaxing beaches. Customize your flat screen TV by placing a nice curtain over it and start playing this film. There are many ways to make your TV frame look more like a window, simply add your touch to match your home interior design. This idea works miracles in offices, restaurants and anywhere you see an empty wall. The full HD format of this film makes these views look so real with every tiny detail.

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This is a copyrighted material, not available for commercial use, if you would like to purchase a license for our films as well as short clips, please contact LoungeV. You only need a license if you show our films at multiple locations, if it's just one or two, such as your office waiting room or your restaurant hall or a hotel lounge, you are good to go without one.

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