These full HD clips are available as Royalty-Free, you will have the rights to edit them for commercial purposes on unlimited basis. Please note that the license will not permit resale as stock footage.

Exclusively from LoungeV - Tropical Beach HD stock footage - not found anywhere else!

Apart from full version HD films, LoungeV studio continues expanding its services by offering 1080p empty beach clips which may be purchased and downloaded separately with Royalty-Free license and affordable rates. It is not a user generated video content but rather a handpicked choice of high quality HD videos with natural scenic landscapes such as rivers, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, exotic getaways etc. Visit our 1080p short clip dedicated page for more info, you will definitely find a few clips you've been looking for.

Caleton beach clip



Playa grande waves


white sands tropical beach

Empty beach

Playa Grande 2

view from a cliff

Azure waters

Ocean island

Reflecting sun

Empty Tropical beach clip
You will have the rights to edit these beach stock clips for any purpose on unlimited basis.

Palm tree shadows

Jap G 6

Under water 4

River 1

Tropical beach with palmtree

Beach with seashell

Beach with surfers

Tropical beach with palm tree

Beach with crashing waves

Azure waves

azure waters pebble beach

Empty Caribbean beach

Playa Dorada

Pierre Giorgio1

Jap garden

Yasika 1

Yasika 2

Under water 3

Golden beach

If you are looking for tropical beach footage with ocean waves, here is our choice of stock clip content for sale that can be used for multiple purposes. We will provide you with a Royalty-Free license which will cover all your needs, including multiple project use (this EXCLUDES footage resale). You may have already noticed that our rates are much lower in comparison to the nature 1080p clips provided by giant companies, this is due to the fact that we do not sell someone else's work, all the beach clips you see on this page were produced and licensed by LoungeV.

While making a movie, an average production company films hundreds of hours of interesting footage. It's considered quality material that many small consumer media companies would be willing to use for different purposes. The clips taken from our productions, some of them were never used in our finalized videos. Only the most beautiful ocean and beach stock footage was selected for this purpose. It is worth mentioning that the video material presented on this site is not available anywhere else on the net, it is exclusive and copyrighted by LoungeV creative studio. We are a small media company with the best deals in pricing and video quality.

Note* we provide Royalty-free license with unlimited possibilities of use with the only exception that this license does not allow footage resale!

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